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Child Development Centres (CDCs)

Childcare development

Infants and young children of plantation workers were often placed in poorly supervised and dilapidated crèches, or in the care of aged and infirm grandparents, not all who possess the wherewithal to shoulder such burdens in their twilight years. This often leads to inadequate care resulting from a lack of nutrition and poor general health. In addressing this issue, the Foundation has thus far restored 61 crèches cum Child Development Centres (CDCs) and constructed 14 new Centres which provide care and welfare for over 2,000 children of Dilmah tea garden workers daily. These Child Development Centres are equipped with facilities which enable sound development of young minds, while qualified and caring staff manage the daily operations. The staff members are often themselves part of the plantation. These Centres are fully-funded by the MJF Charitable Foundation.