Velendho Who?


Velendho is a group of small businesses, vendors, and entrepreneurs looking for a market to promote, sell and find value for their products.

Established as a means of supporting low income families following the Covid -19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, we work with parents of our Cricket Live Foundation and MJF Kids programmes in Moratuwa as well as previous recipients of the Small Entrepreneurship Programme all across Sri Lanka.

We help improve their products and their design, with labelling, value addition and give knowledge on customer service, operations, and sales. 

Our products range from upcycled furniture and decor from wooden pallets, traditional foods, jams, chutneys, and frozen items as well as a range of products and handicraft. Our services include car washing, childcare, housekeeping, plumbing and masonry. 

We believe in the power of a circular economy and in connecting communities to uplift those in need whilst creating last relationships between our customers and our vendors for the benefit of all. 

Velendho is also a fulfilment of Merrill J. Fernando’s vision of making business a matter of human service. on a profit-sharing model with the team who’s the tools, space, and materials of the MJF Foundation.  

Vision - Business is a Matter of Human Service

Mission - Connecting Communities by creating a network of reliable, trustworthy, and vendors, an accountable online platform and services directory for clients and vendors

Primary Goal - To help as many small businesses increase revenue by ensuring increased exposure through online awareness of their business


  • Recipients of the Small Entrepreneurship Programme and Local Heroes
  • New Small Businesses
  • Covid-19 affected businesses across Sri Lanka
  • Women’s Development Programmme
  • Craft products created by the Rainbow Centre Youth of Centre West
  • Carpentry Unit of Centre West
  • Service providing parents of the Cricket Live Foundation and MJFCF Programmmes

Velendho Products & Services
Food items

Carpentry Items

Textile items

Get in Touch 

Find us online and at our very own stall at Good market every Saturday.
Follow us on Instagram & Facebook - @Velendho
Email – Velendho@mjffoundation.org
Call us – 076 887 0954/ 071 588 8323