The Prison Reform & Integrate Programme

The Prison Reform & Integrate Programme

The Prison Reform & Integrate Programme, as part of the SEP, focuses on transforming individuals released on parole from the correctional system to lead productive lives by re-building their reputation within the community, and instilling confidence in them to carry on with their lives. Launched in October 2007, the Reform & Integrate Programme is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.



Dance became a creative outlet for Amal who was struggling to make a transition to his old life from a troubled past. The MJF Foundation’s Small Entrepreneurs Programme was a source of support to Amal who harnessed his ambition of starting his own Dance Academy, fulfilling his dream of passing the skills and knowledge of traditional folk artistry to others. At his academy, Amal earns a steady income by conducting classes on traditional Sri Lankan Dance practices and also teaching a new generation of young Sri Lankans the art of “Gok Kola” crafts - the art of making decorative crafts from young coconut palm leaves, which is an intrinsic part of decor in traditional Buddhist rituals and ceremonies.