Local Heroes

Local Heroes

The SEP programme rewards high performing microenterprises with additional support and resources to enhance their markets, expand their customer base and improve quality. It also uses Dilmah’s network of vendors and suppliers to provide for higher quality sustainable packaging and branding.

Upul & Nishanthika


“We run a thriving business in banana chips, recognized and initiated with the investment from the Dilmah MJF Foundation’s Small Entrepreneurs Programme. Through ‘Malmee Products’, we have been able to provide around 60 local farmers a good value for their fruits. We source only a particular variety of organic bananas for our chips. In the beginning, we started with 350 bananas per day. Now that a production facility with a new set-up is in place, and we have managed to expand our production to a staggering quantity. For the past 8 years, we have been coming to the Monthly SEP Sale at the Dilmah Head Office. We bring a range of organic products like Banana Chips along with Palm Sugar, Kithul Treacle and seasonal fruits and vegetables.”