In the true spirit of Entrepreneurship, Mr. Fernando’s desire to inspire others is also his legacy. The Small Entrepreneur Programme remains at the core of MJF CF activities. As one of the first Foundation programmes commencing immediately after the tsunami in December 2004, the SEP programme has assisted almost 2,000 small entrepreneurs and their families.

The MJF Charitable Foundation works in a number of locations as well as groups of people. We believe in second chances and that it is never too late to start something you believe in. We target the following types of people to ensure that they too are given the opportunity to work for their families and give back to their communities. This includes the following:

  • Prisons
  • War Widows
  • Local Heroes
  • Grants
  • Youth and first time entrepreneurs
  • Community Based Organizations

To maximise potential, we believe that the right skills need to be given along with any investment. That is why we believe firmly in establishing linkages and strengthening skills so that businesses owners have an awareness of the risks, the costs, the planning that is essential along with the ambition and natural business skills.