Our ‘reason for being’ Everything should have a ‘reason for being’ and business is no exception.

Merrill J. Fernando

Most successful businesses achieve that success not due to the lone effort of one or more individuals but due to the combined impact of its workers, management, the community and the environment. A gesture of thanks is therefore the least they should expect. That, we believe is the reason for being that humane businesses should adopt. The nature of companies is that they must compete with others and generate profit, the larger the better. That’s fine, as long as they respect their workers, the community and their environment, And express their thanks. That is the philosophy that led to the creation of the MJF Charitable Foundation.

Merrill J. Fernando, a man of ordinary means who started with nothing, devoted his life to fulfilling a dream. It took him over three decades but he achieved that dream – to pack, brand and supply his country’s crop direct to consumers. He created his brand ‘Dilmah, named after his two sons, Dilhan and Malik, and in the process eliminated the middleman and his profit and brought quality Ceylon Tea back to supermarket shelves in many countries.

Merrill achieved his dream with the encouragement, support and commitment of his workers, colleagues, community and Mother Nature. The Foundation is the fulfilment of another of Merrill’s dreams, of giving back to those that gave him success in such generous proportions.

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