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Street Food Fiesta with a cause

27 MAR 2021
Street Food Fiesta with a cause


17:30:00 - 22:00:00

MJF Centre, Moratuwa (adjoining K-Zone)

Celebrate the tradition of food and music that is Moratuwa! Join us at the Night Market - A street food fiesta with a cause. Saturday, 27th March at the MJF Centre, Moratuwa (adjoining KZone) 5:30 PM onwards.

  • Join us with your kids to watch Moana Sail across the seas under our very own canopy of stars (screening with Sinhala subtitles)
  • The first urban Arboretum of Sri Lanka is open for Night tours. 
  • The inaugural Night Market will be coupled with the celebration of International Women’s Day where Saama the little girl Giant of Sri Lanka will make an appearance. 

Our objective is to provide a platform for vendors whose businesses may have been affected by the pandemic and/or to have an opportunity to revive, restart and/or turn their hobby or passion into a business in an entertaining and sustainable environment. We want to provide positive exposure and experience to the vendors and fun and entertaining music, healthy food options and retail experience to the community.
**The Night Market will be conducted with strict adherence to safety protocols of social distancing and wearing of masks. Since it is an outdoor event it will be a safer environment. Vendors will be spaced out at a reasonable distance along the driveway from the entrance to the Centre which will allow people to move about freely whilst maintaining their distance. 

Parking will be available within the Centre.