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Marine Pollution & Solutions

11 JUN 2021
Marine Pollution & Solutions


16:30:00 - 17:00:00


Dive deeper into the seas in our second World Oceans Day #FreeFriday Live on FB! Aindri Morahela - an ocean enthusiast and certified rescue diver who brings awareness to marine education and conservation and Early Childhood Educator, Thasnim Hassen will cover how human activity has destroyed ocean ecosystems and life and how we can learn to minimize it. (Suitable for 5-12-year-olds)

Things you need for the session:
  • 1-litre plastic bottle cut in half ( the bottom part of it)
  • 2 pieces of coloured paper (or paper from magazines) in your favourite colour
  • A bottle of glue
  • 2 googly eyes (or you can draw two eyes on white paper and cut them out to set on the bottle)
  • Crayons