The MJF Centre Moratuwa was established in 2011 to support Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando’s vision of sharing the success of his Dilmah brand with the less fortunate and the poor. The Centre is located on a sprawling urban estate in Moratuwa, a populous city in the Colombo District. The MJF Centre houses the MJF Kids Programme, the Rainbow Centre for children with disabilities, a centre for women to seek support and solace, the Curtiss Centre for Design, Empower Culinary and Hospitality School and the Dilmah Conservation Sustainable Agriculture Research Centre.


The Rainbow Centre


The Rainbow Centre provides holistic development for children with special needs through education and therapy for those with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism and other developmental disorders. The Centre houses a pediatric physiotherapy unit with state of the art equipment while there are full time physiotherapists and speech and language therapists attached to the centre to work with students having speech and sensory impairments. The early intervention programme for the toddlers, special education, life skills and vocational training for the youth have resulted in a marked development in these special needs children.

Women’s Development Programme


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The Women’s Development Programme was introduced in 2013 to meaningfully deploy the young mothers of the programme participants
in various activities such as home gardening, cooking, sewing, arts and crafts to support them reach
entrepreneur levels in their chosen area of talent.

MJF Kids Programme


The MJF Kids Programme conducted at the Centre every afternoon brings quality education, skills development and vocational training for children from low income families in and around Moratuwa to help them overcome the challenges confronting them due to extreme poverty, lack of opportunities and guidance. Since its inception, a decade ago, the MJF Kids programme has exposed over 500 underprivileged youngsters to a life of possibility by tapping into their inherent abilities requiring only means of nurturing.

Empower Culinary & Hospitality School



A premier culinary and hospitality training facility, the School has the objective to create new avenues for underprivileged and marginalised youth with empowerment through education in the gastronomy and
hospitality industry of Sri Lanka. The school uses an intensive training method with visiting international culinary professionals supplementing the Sri Lankan faculty to provide the students
with comprehensive knowledge and global perspectives on cuisine and hospitality.

One Earth Urban Arboretum


The urban arboretum, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, consisting of 500 different types of plants and trees was initiated by Dilmah Conservation in an effort to encourage the preservation and expansion of forests in urban areas and thereby promote a more greener and sustainable world. The arboretum exposes urban communities, particularly the younger generation to nature and educate them on the multiple functions of trees and their significant value to society, the environment and its inhabitants

The Butterfly Garden



Dilmah Conservation set up a butterfly garden at the Moratuwa Centre to nurture the declining butterfly population in the country. Sri Lanka is home to a diverse butterfly population, slowly declining due
to extensive urbanisation and reduction of nectar and host plants. It is estimated that there are around 247 butterfly species residing in Sri Lanka and of this, more than 50 species have been identified at the Butterfly Garden in Moratuwa.

Dilmah Conservation Sustainable Agriculture Research Centre


The Dilmah Conservation Sustainable Agriculture Research Centre (DCSARC) at the Moratuwa Centre has the objective to support research on sustainable agriculture and to promote organic home gardening methods such as vertical gardening, bio char production and fertilizer composing. The project aims to encourage the use of cost-effective and sustainable methods to improve
the quality of small-scale agriculture.

Swashakthi Bakery



The Swashakthi Bakery and Tea Room is aimed at providing less privileged who come to the Moratuwa Centre with sustainable means of income. Part of the team handling operations at the bakery are students from the MJF Centre’s Rainbow Centre while the bakery products are made by those from the Women’s Development Programme.


Curtiss Centre for Design


Established with the support from Dilmah
Partner Daron Curtiss of New Zealand, the Cutiss Centre for Design assists youth from low income families excel in the area of graphic design. The unit, equipped with 48 computers, has the capacity to provide training in Graphic Design and MS Office for around 329 students, per year


Life through Cricket



A joint initiative between MJF Charitable Foundation and Cricket Live Foundation New Zealand, the programme provides cricket coaching for underprivileged children to enable them progress through cricket. It also helps them learn and develop life skills like punctuality, time management, respect for family and friends, self-discipline and team work, necessary requirements for a successful future.


The Auditorium is available for training and education with a charitable purpose.

Entertainment and inspiration from Everlasting Radio, with intelligent conversation on health, nutrition, enterpreneurship, technology and every facet of life. Tea Inpiration from Tea Radio by Dilmah.



The Peace Centre is a centre for prayer, guidance and Christian counseling.

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