MJF Centre Moratuwa

initiative---moratuwa---mainThe MJF Centre Moratuwa was established in 2011 to support Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando’s vision of sharing the success of his Dilmah brand with the less fortunate and the poor. The Centre is located on a sprawling urban estate in Moratuwa, a populous city in the Colombo District, where a large population lives under deplorable conditions in cramped urban slums. These slum dwellers are often burdened by not just poverty but also by various illnesses, some of which are incurable.

The MJF Centre houses the MJF Kids Programme, the Rainbow Centre for children with disabilities, a centre for women to seek support and solace, the Curtiss Centre for Design and the Dilmah Conservation Sustainable Agriculture Research Centre. This is the first amongst a series of MJF Centres to be located across the country providing welfare for poor and underprivileged people, empowerment for youth through vocational training, hope for children from marginalised backgrounds lacking support for their education, a haven for children with special needs and a place for women to seek empowerment in order to support their families live better lives. It is also a place where sustainable agriculture is practiced without the use of pesticides and other synthetic crop enhancers. A butterfly garden is the latest addition to the MJF Centre Moratuwa to encourage children, youth and adults alike to appreciate nature and live in harmony with all beings.

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