Get Involved

Please send us your CV and indicate a timeframe that you are able to dedicate, your programme of interest (see above) or if you would like us to fit you into an area of need.

Prerequisite: Must have at least 7 years of experience in the specified field, prior experience in working with low income communities is preferred. In addition to a CV please specify your proposed area of interest.

What We Offer

We are grateful for your interest in offering of yourself to volunteer with the Foundation. When possible and where available we offer you accommodation within our centres. This accommodation also includes access to a kitchen with basic equipment that can be used to cook your own meals.

Food in Sri Lanka is plentiful and fairly reasonably priced; a very modest daily budget will be sufficient for your daily meals. In some instances we do offer a small stipend, however this is only offered on a case by case basis.

More information on this will be included in your volunteer pack, should you do have any questions, please write to us at