The ethical tea society

The Ethical Tea Society was established by Dilmah in recognition of the importance of sharing one small but important aspect of the work of the MJF Charitable Foundation; that is the deep sense of fulfillment that is an indirect benefit of the process of changing lives. It is best described in the words of American Writer Maya Angelou, who wrote that, among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
The Society also has the objective of harnessing the enormous goodwill and creativity of the global family of Dilmah Partners and their networks of consumers and well wishers to benefit the underprivileged. Their potential role in working with the ETS and Dilmah in offering MJF Foundation Small Entrepreneurs, direct access - their artisanal craft - to customers around the world is immeasurably liberating.

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Human Service in the Tea Gardens
The MJF Charitable Foundation assists schools in Dilmah tea gardens and established the MJF Scholarship Scheme to support higher education and provide the next generation of plantation children greater opportunities in life.


Small Entrepreneur Programme
An initiative of the MJF Charitable Foundation, the Small Entrepreneur Programme (SEP) supports and enriches lives of many.


Prison’s Small Entrepreneur Programme
The Reform and Integrate Programme of the MJF Charitable Foundation is the only one of its kind in the country that provides ex-prisoners a chance to integrate into society and live with dignity.


Empowering the North of Sri Lanka
Unfavourable social conditions experienced in Sri Lanka’s North and East, in the aftermath of the war, led the MJF Charitable Foundation to establish a special Small Entrepreneur Programme (SEP) to support women marginalised, as a result.


Water for Pahalalanda
The MJF Charitable Foundation established an irrigation scheme in Pahalalanda, in Sri Lanka’s Monaragala District.


MJF Kids Programme
The MJF Charitable Foundation launched the MJF Kids Programme to give these children education, life skills training and the opportunity to experience life beyond poverty and hopelessness.


Local Heroes – Changing Lives
The Local Heroes Programme of the MJF Charitable Foundation evolved from the Small Entrepreneur Programme (SEP) which supports individuals who show promise in developing their skills.


Enabling the Differently Abled
The MJFCF supports the Monaragala and Ratmalana Schools for the Hearing & Visual Impaired and through the MJF Centres in Moratuwa and Ambalantota and supports similar schools in more remote areas where funding is scarce.


Women’s Empowerment
A specially designed programme focused on livelihood training for women from marginalised communities is now underway at the MJF Centre in Moratuwa.


Community Welfare
Modern, fully equipped Child Development Centres (CDCs) with professionally trained staff provide care, welfare and nutrition to thousands of young children in tea gardens.


MJF Centre Moratuwa
The MJF Charitable Foundation established the Rainbow Centre at the MJF Centre, Moratuwa, to address the needs of children with special needs in Sri Lanka.


Sports for the Differently Able
The MJF Charitable Foundation supports differently-abled sportsmen and women through the Merrill J. Fernando Trophy for Excellence in Blind Cricket and AIDEX.