Swashakthi Bakery and Tea Room

Swashakthi Bakery and Tea Room

A unique initiative by the MJF Charitable Foundation the bakery is currently under the management of the Women’s Development programme. The Swashakthi Bakery and Tea Room is set up at the MJF Centre in Moratuwa and offers a variety of wholesome food at an affordable price. Recent additions include a Juice bar and catering orders for events which are undertaken jointly or separately by enterprising women. On Fridays, the bakery puts up a hopper stand & an action station, offering a variety of local dishes prepared on site.

The MJF Charitable Foundation is committed to integrating people with disabilities into society as productive individuals, providing them with unique opportunities to develop themselves and this element will remain an aspect of this venture.

This initiative will be replicated in more places across Sri Lanka to promote healthy food and also provide committed entrepreneurs with a strong business model a means of sustainable income.


Sales Assistant Swashakthi Bakery & Tea Room, Moratuwa

Swashakthi Bakery and Tea Room

Kavindi is the one to welcome you to Dilmah’s Swashakthi Bakery and Tea Room with a warm and cheerful smile. She is deeply committed to her job and always puts her customers first. The Rainbow Youth at MJF Centre Moratuwa trains young women and men with intellectual disabilities in a vocation of their preference and encourages them to engage in productive means of work that will enable them to find a job. Today, women like Kavindi are making a living out of their skills and strengths thanks to the opportunities given by MJF Foundation.

She has been working as a Sales Assistant at MJF Foundation’s Swashakthi Bakery and Tea Room for more than a year now. Her daily duties range from cleaning, serving and making tea. With the income she earns, Kavindi takes care of her mother and lives a decent life. She makes use of her free time by learning IT, English and taking part in Girl Guide camps at MJF Centre Moratuwa.