Curtiss Institute for Design

Curtiss Institute for Design

Named after Darron Curtiss, a key Dilmah partner and friend, of New Zealand. The Curtiss Institute for Design ensures that school leavers and other youth are equipped with the relevant IT skills, are job ready and equipped to deal with today’s business environment. Currently 2 types of classes are offered in Microsoft Office and in Graphic Design.

Students can select one or both courses based on their skills and interest. Courses durations varies from 3 months to 6 months and are geared to meet the needs of school leavers, the employed and part time students.

In 2017 the Curtiss also commenced classes for all MJF Kids under the age of 16, Children with disabilities at the Rainbow Centre. Children from schools that are part of the Cricket Live Foundation and the Empower Culinary and Hospitality School as part of their training.

A special training courses have also been conducted for teachers from smaller schools in the Greater Moratuwa area who may have little or no access to computers.

The Curtiss Institute has applied for NVQ Level 4 certification.