Blind Cricket

The MJF Charitable Foundation works towards empowering the underprivileged, through education, so that they may find sustainable employment and lead lives filled with dignity and strength and avoid the vicious cycle of poverty.

The MJF Centre’s Empower Culinary and Hospitality School is one of the MJFCF’s signature initiatives for vocational training. It seeks to empower youth from underprivileged and disadvantaged backgrounds, offering them world class resources and skills, to aid them in establishing life long careers that may otherwise have been beyond their reach.

Established with the support from Dilmah Partner, Daron Curtiss of New Zealand, the Curtiss Centre for Design assists youth from low income families to excel in the area of graphic design.

Our Swashakthi Bakery and Tea Room is aimed at providing less privileged who come to the Moratuwa Centre with sustainable means of income. The Swashakthi Tea Room and Bakery offer a variety of wholesome organic food at an affordable price. Not only is the food sold at the bakery healthy, but also prepared at the Empower CulinaryTraining Centre under the supervision of qualified chefs.

Supporting women to achieve their goals is an integral part of the work carried out by the MJF Charitable Foundation. The primary aim of this programme is to give women from marginalised communities, and those who have children with disabilities, a chance to embark on a livelihood on their own and to break the vicious cycle of poverty and the stigma of disability. The alleviation from poverty through empowerment of women is a matter close to the heart of the Founder, and an area in which the Foundation has endeavoured to make a difference.

“When we started the Foundation activities, I watched the results of some of our efforts in teaching and giving opportunities for children to go to school, in giving scholarships to children.

That is the best investment anyone can make in this country because there are brilliant children who do not have the opportunity to go to school. Those who got scholarships have performed brilliantly.

These are flowers that would have bloomed and withered without being noticed and we are picking just a handful of them. If businesses realise the need to help others, to make it a human service, there will be thousands and thousands of children like that who will blossom, but with the absence of thinking and caring for our neighbour on the part of businesses, these children wither away, but I am sure sooner or later the picture will change."

Merrill J. Fernando
Founder of Dilmah