Rainbow Centre

Rainbow Centre West

Our Rainbow Centre initiative provides holistic development for children with special needs. The centre offers education and therapy for those with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Autism. The Centre was established with the vision of providing educational facilities that are disability and gender-sensitive whilst providing a safe, nonviolent, inclusive and effective learning environment for less privileged children.

The Rainbow Centre at the MJF Centre - West is one of the few places in Sri Lanka which provides resources for the families of individuals with disabilities. All services are daily and like the rest of the Foundation provided free.

Rainbow Centre East

The play area at the Rainbow Centre - East is the only disabled friendly play area for children with disabilities in the entire Eastern Province.

Inclusive Education

The Girl Guides & the Scouts Troops at MJF Centre, Moratuwa truly show the spirit of fraternity and the potential of humanity. The girls and boys here work together in inclusive teams attending to their respective duties while assisting their fellow team members who need that extra support. Children and youth with learning disabilities and developmental delays are trained in basic cookery, management skills, leadership and personality development that will enable them to eventually integrate into society as productive individuals. Learning simple tasks such as making a cup of tea, installing the tent, buying groceries and setting up the table can give them the essential tools and skills to be independent, confident & resilient in society.