Dilmah's Small Entrepreneurs Programme enhances the dignity and self-worth of disabled men & women by providing self-sufficiency through productive work.


These vibrant coasters are the work of Nipuna Fernando who expresses his lifelong love of elephants through his art. Born with Down Syndrome,he turned his talent into a business venture. Having attended Dilmah's MJF Foundation since he was 19 years old, Nipuna found the courage, hope, support and heart to follow his dreams and nurture his talent. For this charming young man, the greatest achievement is the joy of independence and self expression. Nipuna depicts his elephants living free and happy lives in their natural habitat. He is determined to save these majestic beasts and is strong advocate for their protection.

This is the story of Vipula, one of Dilmah’s SEP beneficiaries who takes part in AIDEX, the Annual Sports Festival is organised by the Colombo Friend-in-Need Society & Dilmah.