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Rainbow Centre

Rainbow Centre

The Rainbow Centre is a haven for children with disabilities and provides free services for them as well as their families. The children and where necessary a parent attend daily sessions of Physiotherapy, Occupational, Behavioural, Speech and Language therapy as well Yoga, Art, Lifeskills, Cookery, Crafting, and Music at the Centre in Moratuwa.

The Rainbow Centre recognizes that technical training goes hand in hand in with patience and love when working with children with disabilities. It give children an opportunity to be their own person and equips children with independence and the confidence to perform tasks on their own. Our own staff receive continuous training and awareness sessions on the most recent therapeutic breakthroughs. The Rainbow Centre accepts all children regardless of the severity of their disability and all classes and services are provided free of charge.

The young adult group at the Rainbow Centre are also trained in vocations to integrate them into society.

For further information please contact 011 4888323