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Early Childhood Development and the School of Inspiration

Early Childhood Development

Opened by our Founder Merrill J. Fernando in April 2016, “Asirimath Iskole” is the brainchild of master potter and entrepreneur Ajith Mohan Perera. Ajith’s compassion and commitment to the people of Mankada near Uda Walawe National Park led him to create a much needed preschool for the children of Mankada.

Under his vision an extraordinary programme has developed surrounding the school. Children are taught colour, space and form before they enter the school room. Within, they learn to interact with others, encourage critical thinking, puzzles, and true craftsmanship in writing that encourages motor skills development. Basic literacy and numeracy is taught in English, Sinhalese and Tamil and preschoolers switch fluidly between all three languages.

An afterschool programme also provide education support to older children studying for their Ordinary Level exams. They too are exposed to activities that teach special skills: chess to emphasise the importance of strategy, photography to improve their skills in framing, focus, angles and lighting and teamwork through a combined sports curriculum for cricket, football, and karate. Together the school of inspiration provides a holistic well rounded resource for the young people of the area.