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Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

We believe there is a future and a market for organic, naturally farmed agriculture free of fertilisers, chemical pesticides and Genetically modified organisms. All farming practices adopted by us and the people we work with engender these principles.

What we also believe in is the use of technology, the efficient use of space and smart farming to increase crop yield.

Our partner the Community Development Centre (CDC) in Ussapitiya holds one of the largest seed banks for yams in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is home to over 20 varieties of yams; many of these have higher nutritional value to the traditional manioc (cassava) and sweet potatoes that are regularly consumed. Through funding from the MJF CF, CDC is working with 55 farmers to produce and process yams as a viable economically marketable product that will be attractive to both the local and the international market.

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