Changing Lives

A Life Through Cricket

A Life Through Cricket

Cricket Live Foundation is the fulfillment of a passion of a young Kiwi named Alex Reese, supported by a greater ‘purpose’ of Dilmah Founder Merrill J Fernando with the blessings of its Patron, Richard Hadlee. The joint initiative between the MJF Charitable Foundation and Cricket Live (CLF) New Zealand has enriched the lives of over 1000 boys & girls in Sri Lanka, providing a pathway for them through Cricket.

The ‘Life through Cricket’ is a unique initiative by the Cricket Live Foundation (CLF) which empowers individuals, teams and communities by using Cricket as a means for holistic development & social integration of young girls and boys from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The CLF emphasizes the nature of teamwork and teaches both boys and girls essential life skills, such as punctuality, time management, self-discipline and respect for family and friends.

Black Caps Inspires the Young CLF Cricketers

The CLF allows young cricketers to enrich their exposure to people and places they may never get to experience otherwise. They receive support from international delegates, well wishers and cricket clubs from New Zealand and across the world. In September 2019. The young CLF players got the chance to meet New Zealand cricket coach and former International cricketer, Kyle Mills and witness one of the training sessions by Black Caps and get their bats signed by the heroes they look up to.