Prize giving of YWCA English education project

The annual Prize Giving and Christmas party of the English Education project of the YWCA – Girl Child Centre in the suburbs of Colombo was held at the YWCA on 19/12/11.

50 children from low income group families  attached to the Lower and Upper grades together with their mothers attended the event presided overt by the President of the YWCA and the Chairperson of the Girl Child Centre.

These Kids, who joined the programme without any knowledge of the English language, spoke, sang and recited poems fluently in English. The teachers attached to the Centre had put in a lot of effort to bring about this significant change in these Kids.










Kids who excelled in the competitions and attendance received their certificates and all the children were given their Christmas presents as well.


MJFCF has been supporting this programme for the last 2 years meeting all teaching and nutritional improvement needs of the Kids.

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