MJF Beverages team join hands with MJFCF to repair electrical installations at the School for the Hearing and Vision impaired at Moneragala

Neal visited the School for the Vision and Hearing Impaired at Moneragala along with Neome and Ishan during one of their field visits to Ampara a few months ago. Thereafter he also visited the school a few more times to explore opportunities to recruit some differently able staff to the MJF Beverages factory at Rilhena.

Having observed the poor electrical installation in most facilities at the school, Neal submitted a proposal to MJFCF to get the electrical installations rectified. The proposal was readily accepted by the Foundation and Neal and his team was given the green light to proceed with the work.





No sooner the Moneragala Deaf and Blind School closed for December vacations, Neal and his team visited the school with all the required materials and accomplished the work within 2 days on the 12th and 13th December. Whilst MJFCF provided the required materials, the MJF Beverages team undertook the entire workmanship purely voluntarily.The School Principal – Mr. Kaluarachchi made provided all the logistical support for Neal and his team to stay over at the School during the 2 days.

Despite the heavy showers experienced in Moneragala during the week, the MJF Beverages team completed the job to the entire satisfaction of the School Principal and staff. The Principal and the staff expressed their profound thanks and sincere appreciation to Neal and the MJF Beverages team for their timely intervention and support and also to Settlor and the MJFCF for their generosity.





The School for the Visual and Hearing Impaired in Moneragala is virtually adopted by MJFCF and has been associate with the school over the past 5 years in supporting its educational, recreational, infrastructural needs and also the income generation wing of the school “Daskam Nivasa”.

The MJFCF team expresses its sincere thanks to Neal and the MJF Beverages team for their support in joining with MJFCF to fulfill an urgent need at the School in Moneragala and to Neome for having initiated the move by creating the opportunity for Neal to visit the School. Neome’s own update below includes some images of Neal’s team at work.


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