Doug Zeif and his son Jacob spends time with the Differently Able students of the Rainbow Centre

Day 1 (Thursday 5th July)

The day started off with Doug Zeif, Snr VP – WHM LLC,  and his son Jacob, joining the Rainbow kids for their weekly dancing class.









After taking a quick look at the computer graphics design lab, where the 3rd batch of students were engaged in their final practical examination he and Jacob joined the Rainbow kids once again for their morning tea. The kids shared their iced vanilla flavored milk with the guests, which they enjoyed very much.





The mother’s were busy cooking lunch for the kids and the guests that day and Doug tried his hand at scraping coconuts. He realized how difficult it was to master the art of coconut scraping which was demonstrated to them,  with ease, by Yasoja, a student of the rainbow Centre.





The Rainbow kids requested that Doug and Jacob dance with them to some baila music. He resisted at first but Dinesha, featured in the photo, pulled Doug on to the dance floor.

Dinesha being lifed off the floor by Doug.





A visit to the Everlasting studio resulted in Doug going On Air. He was quite excited about this as he used to work as a DJ in his youth.





After a sumptuous traditional lunch of red rice and vegetables provided by DCSARC –thibbatu, ma karal, bandakka, pol sambol and salaya’s deep fried and papadam  followed by curd and honey they were taken for a tour by Asanka.  They obviously enjoyed the Sri Lankan lunch as Jacob requested for a “local lunch” the next day.









They headed off to the Hotel by 3:00pm.


Day 2 (Friday 6th )

It was nice to see Doug and Jacob the following morning. Once again they were just in time to join the Rainbow kids for their morning tea and were eagerly awaiting their packet of iced milk. After tea they joined the kids and Wimalsiri in the carpentry room.

Jacob was very pleased to try his hand out at carpentry which was a first time for him.





Jacob with Nipuna, Thilina and Tharindu taking a break whilst Doug helped Wimalsiri to fix shelves in the kitchen.

Making their own cards. Doug, who claimed he couldn’t draw and was the least bit creative, surprised himself with the results. A set of cards was gifted to Doug the following day at the Computer Graphics Awards Ceremony.









Everyone enjoyed his company and Doug promised to return with the rest of his family with the wish of exposing them to the same experiences that both he and Jacob enjoyed.


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