Breast Cancer Screening programme of the National Cancer Institute in Sri Lanka – further strengthened by MJFCF

MJFCF donated a Mammography machine to the Maharagama National Cancer Institute (NCI) of Sri Lanka in December 2008 with a specific objective of supporting the NCI to commence the national breast cancer screening programme for women over 40 years. The programme has covered more than 6300 women over 40 years during the last 2 ½ years, enabling the Institute to detect probable patients at the early stages for necessary treatment.

The programme is spearheaded by Dr. Kantha Samarawickrema – the Consultant Radiologist of the NCI together with her dedicated team under the enthusiastic and motivational leadership provider by the Director of the Institute Dr. Kanishka Karunaratne.

MJFCF, after having reviewed the progress of the programme with the Hospital Authorities recently, donated a further stock of consumables in the form of Mammography films to the Institute to further strengthen the programme.

Himendra Ranaweera – Deputy Chairman of MJF Group and  Trustee of MJFCF  presented the donation of 4000 Mammography films (3 month buffer stock) to the Director of the Institute Dr. Kanishka Karunaratne at a simple event held at the National Cancer Institute Maharagama,  on 8th September 2011. He also donated a Computer as well to the Mammography Unit of the Institute for electronic data processing and record keeping, replacing the older form of record keeping in the Department.

MJFCF also acknowledges with sincere thanks, the initiative taken by Ms.Carol Mark, representing the Global Dilmah family in Canada for making this donation possible in memory of her friend Hema.

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  1. The experstie shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  2. s Gomes

    Dr Karuaratne is not kind to his patients as pretends to be.

  3. Chris P

    How many women currently have breast cancer in Sri Lanka?
    And what kind of ways can we support them.

    Are we short of Mammography machines.How much does the Mammography machine cost , a rough figure.
    Thank you. Would like a reply swiftly

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